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August 26, 2011

– this girl started kindergarten. i don’t like it one bit. neither does her brother. every day around noon he starts asking “get sissy? get sissy?” i’m completely confident that we’re making the right choice by putting her in public school (more on that later) but i just miss her!! and i’m so sad my time at home with her is over. it went by so fast.

– yes, she chose the outfit all on her own. right down to the socks.

– this guy thinks he’s tough. he’s showing you his muscles.

– brock starts mother’s day out next week. two days a week. while i’m a little sad about both of my kids being gone all day i’m REALLY excited about having a few hours a week to get things done before the baby comes.

– being pregnant during the hottest summer on record sucks.

– 10-ish weeks until sweet baby girl gets here. i’m nervous about so many things (more on that later too) but i’m mostly SO excited to have a baby around the house again.


On Cloth Diapers

August 1, 2011

Many thanks to my best friend Brandy for giving me something to blog about. She sent me this message last week…

“So, what kind of cloth diapers do you use? I am soooooo tired of buying diapers every other day…”

Yep, we use cloth diapers. Well, we did before Brock was diagnosed with ALL. Chemo is excreted in feces and urine and I don’t want to deal with all the safe-handling issues that go along with that.

Her 1 question led to a host of other questions and I figured I’d type up the response here in case anyone else was interested.

1. What kind do we use?

When I first started researching cloth diapers I was completely overwhelmed with all the different types that were out there. And without seeing them in person it’s a little hard to imagine that they’re like, and therefore hard to imagine which type would be best for you.

We finally settled on 2 different systems.

a) A prefold diaper fastened closed with a Snappi and covered with a Thirsties brand diaper cover. I tried several brands of diaper covers and I liked Thirsties the best because they fit well and were really trim underneath clothes.

This system tends to be the most economical. Prefolds are by far the cheapest type of diaper out there, even given the fact that you’ll have to buy several different sizes of them as the baby grows.

Brock at 5 days old in a newborn size prefold, fastened with a Snappi. Still needs a cover so it won’t leak.

b) BumGenius one size pocket diaper. This diaper has snaps to adjust the rise of the diaper, so theoretically they’ll fit a baby from the time they’re born until the time they potty train. They are a little bit bulky on a newborn and really fit better once the baby has hit 10 pounds or so. Brock weighs about 25 lbs and they still fit him great.

Brock at 7 weeks olds in a BumGenius

2. Are they smelly/how do you keep them from smelling up the house?

Believe it or not, cloth diapers really do stink LESS than disposable diapers. For one thing, you’re flushing any waste down the toilet instead of wrapping it up and throwing it in the trash can. Also, we wash cloth diapers every few days so there isn’t time for them to get stinky.

We store dirty diapers in a regular trash can with a liner like this one. As long as the lid is closed, there’s no smell!

Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner source

3. How many of the inserts would you recommend?

It really depends on which type of diaper system you want to use. We had about 2 dozen prefolds, 2 snappis, 6 thirsties covers, and 6 bumgenius diapers and that was enough to last us a few days. I should mention that with the prefold system, if the diaper is just wet, you change the prefold and reuse the cover. The only time I changed a cover was if the diaper leaked (which RARELY happened) and the cover became soiled. With the bumgenius you have to change the whole thing (the insert and the cover) every time.

4. Do you use a different detergent on them?

Yep. We used Purex Free and Clear. There is an excellent list here of which detergents are ok to use on cloth diapers and which aren’t. Most “regular” detergents aren’t ok.

5. Is there a special cream that needs to be used with the cloth diapers?

In general, diaper rash cream and cloth diapers don’t mix. The cream can affect the absorbency of the diaper. Brock hardly EVER had any problems with diaper rash in cloth diapers and if he did, I just switched to disposables for a few days until it cleared up.

6. Do you use Snappi’s? Do all of them need these even if they have velcro or is that what the Snappi’s are for? Or are the Snappi’s so that kids can’t get their diapers off?

Snappi’s are for keeping a prefold diaper on, but you’ll still need a cover with it so that it won’t leak everywhere. You can just lay a prefold in a cover and fastened it on without a snappi but you’re more likely to get leaks that way.

7. Are they any harder to wash once they start eating food, do you have to pre-rinse them, etc?

I don’t think they’re any harder to wash. My kids were exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, and breast milk poop is water-soluble so I would just toss the dirty diaper into the pail. I always did a pre-rinse with cold water before washing in hot water. Once they started eating solid food I would dump any waste in the toilet and then rinse the diaper with a diaper sprayer, if needed. But the washing routine stayed the same.

bumGenius Diaper Sprayersource

The only thing I can think of that she didn’t ask about was drying the diapers. We line dried them because they’ll last longer that way and because it takes a lot of energy to dry a load of diapers. They’re meant to be really absorbent so it takes a long time to dry them! I could dry them outside in the sun faster than I could dry them in the clothes dryer.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comments!

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Things I’m Longing For

July 16, 2011

1. Tempteratures below 80 degrees.  Heck, I’d take anything below 100 degrees.

2. College football

3. Cardis, Scarves, and Jeans

4. Chili, Cowboy Stew, Cornbread

5. So…to sum it up: FALL


July 6, 2011

Well.  Apparently my last “I’m a Quitter” post could’ve been in reference to blogging.

What really happened is that the first trimester of pregnancy kicked my butt.  And I didn’t have the power of caffeine to fuel me forward.

And then there was that whole thing where my son {clinically} died.  And recovered.  Praise the Lord.

And then summer and VBS and swimming and zoo trips and there’s no time to blog because we’re too busy living.  Praise the Lord, again.

And now we’re in the hospital again – so of course I have time to blog.  But not much to blog about.  Maybe I’ll start the C Word series up again….

The copious (but not too much for the baby) amounts of Dr. Pepper I’m now consuming again should help.

I’m a quitter

March 5, 2011

Did you know I’m an addict?  I am. 


*sigh* Just looking at the picture makes me want one.

But there aren’t any in this house.

And I about fell over at the store today when I saw that a 12 pack was on sale for $4.

On sale.  Ha!

I just can’t do it.  I’m too cheap.

But trust me.  I thought about it.  Because that’s what addicts do.

And then I started thinking about how I don’t like feeling like I NEED to have a Dr. Pepper.  I don’t want that feeling to control my decisions.

Or my pocketbook. 

{I don’t have a pocketbook.  Who am I kidding.  I’m not even exactly sure what a pocketbook is.}

The point is, I’m quitting.  Today.  Right now.

And I know if I don’t tell the whole world all 5 of you, then it will never really happen.

So if you see me at church tomorrow with 50 cents in my hand, tackle me, grab the change, and go throw it in the offering plate instead of into the pop machine.

One Year

March 4, 2011

…and lots of missing.

The C Word, Part 3

February 23, 2011

{I’ve been writing about the days that led us to Brock being diagnosed with cancer.  To start at the beginning click here}

From Part 2:

After the chaos of trying to get kids fed and bathed and in bed, I sat down at the computer and consulted the only medical professional I had access to at that hour: Dr. Google.

tiny red pinprick dots under skin SEARCH

And my heart hit the floor…


The first page that popped up listed the symptoms of leukemia:
– chills
– fatigue
– swollen lymph nodes
– easily bruising or bleeding
– tiny red spots in your skin (petechiae)
– excessive sweating, especially at night
– distended abdomen from enlarged liver or spleen

Brock had every. single. symptom.

I called Jay into the room and he did what every good husband would do: reassured me that it probably wasn’t leukemia.  That there was no need to get upset and worried over something I’d read on the internet.  But still, my heart was heavy and my stomach was turning.  I called the on-call line for our pediatrician and spoke to a nurse at the hospital.  I explained Brock’s symptoms (but didn’t mention leukemia) and asked if she thought we needed to bring him in now or if it could wait until the morning.  She told us to wait.

I don’t think I slept all night.

And waiting for the pediatrician’s office to open at 9 made for a loooooong morning.

When our doctor walked in I showed him the red dots on Brock’s arms and legs, I showed him his swollen belly, showed him the lymph nodes that were still swollen.  The doctor looked at him, explained that the red dots were called petechiae and were caused from bleeding into the skin.  And then he called 2 other doctors into the office.

Nothing makes your heart race like having your pediatrician call 2 other doctors in to look at your son.

One doctor, whom I loathe, stood at the door, didn’t even touch or look at Brock and started rattling off orders about sending us for a cbc and a ‘red top.’  The other doctor, whom I love and would have been my 2nd choice for a doctor for my kids, examined Brock and spoke to me and our pediatrician about how we needed to do some blood work to figure out what was going on.

{Coincidentally, just a month earlier I had taken Jaycie to see that doctor – because ours was out of town – because I was concerned about some bruises she had on her back.  She’d had them for awhile and I knew, even before Brock got sick, that bruising was a symptom of leukemia.}

When they finished talking I looked them straight in the eye and said

“Do you think it could be leukemia?”

Our pediatrician said that he’d diagnosed 5 cases of leukemia in his 15 years of practice and none of them had presented this way, but that we would surely check to make sure.

They sent us to another floor for blood work and when we laid Brock on the table, I knew.  He was screaming and as I looked inside his mouth, his gums were bleeding.  A new symptom that hadn’t been there before, but for some reason, that’s what confirmed it for me and I just knew.

Jay’s office is a block away from our pediatrician so while we waited for the lab work to come back, Brock and Jaycie and I hung out there instead of going all the way home.  Jay was away from the office, shooting a commercial, so I was sitting in the office with his parents.

After we’d waited for several hours Jay’s dad said to me “Waiting is the hardest part…”

I love Jay’s dad and I know he was trying to comfort me but I snapped back with “If these lab results aren’t good, waiting is not going to be the hardest part.”

While I was waiting and worrying, a pediatric oncologist was taking her kids for a well-check.  Taking them to see our pediatrician.  And sitting in the exact same exam room I had been in with Brock just a few hours earlier.

“Hi Dr. M.  While you’re here, I need to tell you about one of my patients that I saw earlier today…”

{to be continued}