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We are THAT family

September 30, 2010

Jaycie and I eat dinner at church every Wednesday night before she goes off to her mission/bible study time and I go sit in a choir room and pretend like I can sing.  Brock and Jay stay home because of the whole Brock/germs/nursery/neutropenia thing.

Every Wednesday night I have conversations with dozens of kind people.

Every Wednesday night they go exactly like this:
“How’s Brock?” “Is he home from the hospital?” “So, surgery on Monday, huh?” “When’d Brock get to come home?” “How’s Brock feeling?” “Any idea when Brock will get to come home?” “What’s the surgery for?” “Poor little guy.  I don’t know how you guys do it.”

Ok, maybe not exactly.  But some variation of that.  And while I really appreciate their care and concern (really, I do) it gets a little draining being THAT family.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that last night I talked to at least 20 people and only ONE of them spoke to me about anything other than Brock.

I’m grateful for our church family.  I’m grateful that they love and care about Brock so much.  I’m thankful for the blood drives they’ve had for him; for the meals people have brought to us; for the many, many prayers they’ve said. 

To be fair, part of the reason it’s that way is just timing.  We joined that church RIGHT before Brock was diagnosed.  We didn’t know anyone when we moved there and they certainly didn’t know us.  And they never had a chance to get to know us before we became THAT family.  So I get it. 

But sometimes, I wish we could go to church and be anonymous.  I wish we could walk through the halls or sit in Sunday school and talk about something other than my child’s medical history.  Yes, we are that family.  But we’re more than just Brock’s father-mother-sister.  We have interesting things to discuss – beyond white counts and antibiotics and impending surgeries.  Go ahead, ask us.  I promise we won’t be offended that you don’t ask about Brock every single time you see us.

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  1. Jessica permalink
    October 1, 2010 11:26 am

    my favorite question to ask you…”how’s Jaycie?”……hate for her to get forgoten in all this medical madness. Love you.

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