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What I Wore Wednesday

August 18, 2010

I’m joining Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.  And I’m doing it for almost the exact same reasons she started it – to give me motivation to actually get dressed everyday.  And trust me.  It’s worked.  I’m sure these outfits are nothing impressive but they’re infinitely better than what I normally would’ve worn; namely, black sweatpant capris and a tshirt.

And as further evidence that I needed to do this: when I put on this first outfit the following conversation ensued with my four year old daughter.
JJ: “You’re not going to wear that today, are you Momma?”
Me: “Yes.  Do you not like it?”
JJ: “I do like it!  It’s beautiful!”

I think she was just shocked that I had real clothes on.


all of it: old navy


shirt and jeans: old navy
shoes: target
exaggerated hip cock: pioneer woman.  because when PW gives photo advice, you take it.


my usual uniform
all of it: old navy


capris and flops: NY&Co.
shirt: old navy
flower pin: the pleated poppy
watch: target

DSC_0095   DSC_0096

shirt, necklace, shoes, watch: target
jeans: old navy

Lessons Learned:
*I need to venture somewhere beyond Old Navy
*I desperately need more clothes.  Seven outfits will last a long time when you only really get dressed once a week.
*Flickr makes me crazy trying to post pictures.  There’s got to be a better way!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. August 18, 2010 2:35 pm

    I think you’re adorable! Love the flower pin, cute!

  2. Melissa permalink
    August 18, 2010 2:42 pm

    Hm. My entire outfit today is from Walmart. I think you have me beat. =)

  3. Jill permalink
    August 18, 2010 3:09 pm

    Cute! I need to do this! Although I would have to include three outfits per day since I have the workout outfit, the work outfit and the after work outfit. Too funny.

  4. August 18, 2010 3:13 pm

    i love this idea! my favorite outfits are the first and last!

  5. Jessica permalink
    August 18, 2010 3:30 pm

    very proud of you! I will take over your usual uniform for the next year since everytime I actually try and wear something cute I get spit up on. Love the last outfit btw!

  6. Liv Wilson permalink
    August 18, 2010 3:50 pm

    All beautiful!! I need to check out Old Navy apparently!

  7. Jennifer S permalink
    August 18, 2010 8:07 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!! What a FUN blog, Love, Love, Love it!!! How sweet it was of JJ to say that! That makes a momma feel good!! I love the blue & pink colored shirt from Target and those pink shoes. Also, love the flower pin, the red necklace and the skinny jeans. You should try scarves.. they are really fun, esp with fall coming. Also, have you ever looked at Forever 21?
    A lot of their stuff is for younger kids, but there are some things for our age and they have GREAT prices.
    Looking forward to Wednesdays and your posts!! But it is making me want to shop.. : )

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